Day 3

We are currently at the Farmers Market in LA, a place local farmers met in the depression to sell their goods direct to the public. It is now an eclectic mix of independent and multi national retail stores, food outlets, street artists, displays, fountains etc..
It’s an Americanised Covent Garden, complete with vintage working trolley bus. We went to Venice beach this morning, it was a little disappointing. Yesterday was a great day. We had a fantastic breakfast at Mel’s drive in diner, why do Americans like maple syrup on everything? We then had a drive along Mulholland Drive, wow what views. We then drove past all the mansions in Bel Air and Beverly Hills, very bling! You very quickly get used to the Porsches , ferraris, Bentleys etc. as every other car is one! I suppose for a city that gets everywhere by car they like to have expensive ones! In the afternoon we visited the Griffith Observatory. Stunning views over LA and the Hollywood sign. We enjoyed a lecture in the Leonard Nimoy theatre conducted by some very excited tour guide scientists. This was followed by an hour chilling at the roof top pool of our hotel. I needed ear plugs in as the music was too loud for me. Not something I should be admitting, and something the girls teased me about! In the evening we visited Hollywood Blvd. and the walk of fame, this is LA’s Picadilly circus, it was rammed. Took respite in Hard Rock Cafe. Returned to the hotel shattered.
Tonight is last night in LA, I can’t eat another burger so going for Thai or Mexican. Am running 5 miles a day in a desperate attempt to not to return home the size of a house. Onwards tomorrow to Santa Barbara, it will be nice to get some space and fresh air.



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