Sacramento and Yosemite

Have had a great few days. We reluctantly departed San Francisco to head for the California state capital of Sacramento. There is not a great deal to do in this historic city other than visit the old town,with its very interesting railroad museum, and visit the Capitol building. We managed both these things in a day and had fantastic tour guides take us around both. I particularly enjoyed the tour of the Capitol, this is where assembly members and Senators meet to deal with the legislature of the 40 areas that make up California. The building dates back to 1860 and comes with some fascinating stories.
Next we moved in to Yosemite state park, Wow, what a place. Stunning vistas, amazing wildlife, blistering heat, appalling food and accommodation. The highlight has to be the two hour horse trek up to mirror lake. On our return to the stables we were fortunate enough to see a bear! Onwards to Las Vegas and hopefully a few days of relaxation!






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