Am I correct in thinking that not every update or post has to have a picture? What with instagram and facebook and a seeming obsession to permanently visually record every aspect of our lives it is difficult to imagine anyone actually just reading something. This is something I will aim to do and hopefully will become better at it the more I write.

A quick update on my training.

I have had a few good walks on the moor recently, the good weather has been welcome and this has given me opportunity to get out more often. A good bike ride on Sunday morning was brought to a slightly premature end when I snapped a spoke on my rear wheel. No major damage done fortunately but it did throw the wheel out of alignment. This meant having to release the back brakes and limp the bike back to Ilkley cycles for repair. ( note no picture included, you will just have to use your imagination to picture what a wheel with a broken spoke looks like and my sad frustrated face!) Still I managed a steady 45 miles in total.

Other than that with 4 days to go I have been concentrating on getting my kit together for the National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure 2014. Given the weather forecast it is difficult to know exactly what to take. Especially as we are limited to just 1 bag. I am thinking lots of base layers and convertible trousers. Quite where I am going to fit my guitar and tambourine I am not sure!


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