On my way, National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure

The first Scots I met on my journey to the Isle of Skye were Robert the Bruce and Robbie Burns, as they slid into view from the cash machine. I knew I was in Scotland then. Why do they have much cooler and more colourful bank notes than us? We had a great night in Glasgow. We loved the citizen M hotel, with its funky California/Tokyo vibe. It’s the first hotel I have stayed in with a Pantone shade card of mood lighting to choose from.


That combined with the electric blinds, free movies and full room-width bed made for a fun stay. Something I would love for home was the Samsung tablet that controlled everything I have mentioned. After playing with our bedroom’s gadgets we headed down to the reception area to enquire about where to get a good bite to eat. We were recommended a local bistro called The Red Onion. It was a short walk through a now rain swept Glasgow city centre but it was worth every step. A lovely welcome from the superb staff instantly put is at ease. The food was fantastic, a mix of local ingredients used in international dishes. The beer from Innis and Gunns was delicious but at 6.6% I am glad I only had two! A great value meal and a good chat. We would love to come back and spend more time exploring Glasgow as it seems to have genuine heart and soul. After a good nights rest it was time to part company. I continued onwards to Skye, Helen caught the train back home. Skye here I come!


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