National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure Catch up

So things didn’t exactly go according to plan regarding the updating of my blog pages. A distinct lack of mobile phone signal and an even more distinct lack of time meant I was unable to post each day. I have decided therefore to write it up post-adventure. This may be a better way of doing it as I will be able to tell the story as a whole having had some time to reflect upon it. So to begin, chronologically:

Day -1

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On my way, National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure

The first Scots I met on my journey to the Isle of Skye were Robert the Bruce and Robbie Burns, as they slid into view from the cash machine. I knew I was in Scotland then. Why do they have much cooler and more colourful bank notes than us? We had a great night in Glasgow. We loved the citizen M hotel, with its funky California/Tokyo vibe. Continue reading “On my way, National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure”


Am I correct in thinking that not every update or post has to have a picture? What with instagram and facebook and a seeming obsession to permanently visually record every aspect of our lives it is difficult to imagine anyone actually just reading something. This is something I will aim to do and hopefully will become better at it the more I write.

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