A new day

Nothing beats a good nights sleep. Woken to a rainy Los Angeles but our spirits aren’t dampened, off to meet with Lucinda and get some breakfast. It was going to be a beach day but may need a re-think in light of the rain! It is warm at least.


Have arrived safely, although very tired. Fantastic hotel with complimentary glass of wine on arrival, a great upgrade on the car, we have a Lincoln SUV with blacked out windows and all the gadgets you need, looks like a real pimp mobile!! a long long day, been going for more than 24 hrs but so far we are just loving it.



Well things were going well until we got on the plane, we have now been stuck on the Tarmac at Philadelphia airport for nearly 2 hours, a queue of planes in front of us and a queue behind us, a huge weather front is disrupting flights across the whole of America. We have been given a cup of water and a biscuit. Kids are screaming, tempers are frayed. No sign of leaving anytime soon, after 3 hours we will have to return to the terminal and all disembark, I certainly hope that doesn’t happen. All this and still a 5 hour flight to go! Aaaaarghhh….


We have survived and actually enjoyed a 7 hour flight, watched 3 films, had a lovely chicken and vegetable dinner, with a tomato and mozzarella salad and a brownie for dessert! Very tedious security procedure with full body scanners, fingerprints and photo identity. All very polite and civilised but quite tiring. Setting off on 5 hour connection to Los Angeles in half an hour. Nearly there….



We have made it to the airport. We are laden with books, sweets, water, magazines and electronic gadgets! An 8 hour flight to Philadelphia then onwards to Los Angeles, i hope the in flight movies are good.