Pilgrimage to the home of the Manx Missile, a 3 day trip to Isle of Man.

This is a trip i had wanted to undertake for quite some time. The logistics have always presented a challenge as you are reliant on the ferry times across to the IOM. Mention the Isle of Man to most people and they think of the TT motorcycle race, tax havens, three-legged men, Norman Wisdom, cats with no tails and of course the “Manx Missile” Mark Cavendish. This legendary sprint cyclist is not the only successful rider to have been born on the island, Peter Kennaugh is also native to the isle. Soon we would be joining them!


Day 1: Setting off from our home town of Ilkley we aimed to catch the ferry from Heysham on the West Coast of UK. The distance was around 75 miles. We were a group of four riders and the weather was sunny and warm. Continue reading “Pilgrimage to the home of the Manx Missile, a 3 day trip to Isle of Man.”


Day 2 National Geographic Talisker storm Adventure

After what seemed like barely a couple of hour sleep I was woken by Skye’s dawn Chorus. Quite why birds feel like getting up so early and chirruping a repetitive tune is beyond me, no other animal feels the need to! In fact, the last thing I want to do when I wake is to chant the repetitive chorus of a Katie Perry or Miley Cyrus song to everyone in the vicinity. The first thing I actually want to do is have coffee. Continue reading “Day 2 National Geographic Talisker storm Adventure”

Day 1 National Geographic Talker Storm Adventure Isle Of Skye

An early start meant grabbing a simple breakfast, my priority was coffee. I had not slept well the previous night, the combination of a long journey and nerves for what the week had in store for me. We gathered around the breakfast table getting to know each other a little better. My fellow adventurers were from across Europe; Sebastian from Dortmund, Thomas from Brussels, Alex from the Isle of Skye, Al from Gravesend, Lukasz the photographer from Stockport.

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National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure Catch up

So things didn’t exactly go according to plan regarding the updating of my blog pages. A distinct lack of mobile phone signal and an even more distinct lack of time meant I was unable to post each day. I have decided therefore to write it up post-adventure. This may be a better way of doing it as I will be able to tell the story as a whole having had some time to reflect upon it. So to begin, chronologically:

Day -1

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